"Ridgefield Academy prepared me very well for high school at Greens Farms Academy - both in the classroom and on the field. I was able to take the advanced math class Algebra 2 as a freshman as well as Biology Honors. Señora Brooks prepared me very well for conversational Spanish that allowed me to fit right in with my Honors Spanish class."


At Ridgefield Academy, we understand that early childhood is a pivotal time of development. It is during this time that fundamental concepts such as confidence, curiosity, respect, and resolve are instilled. That’s why our private school focuses solely on Preschool - Grade 8.

The strong foundation built in these early years creates a lifelong love of learning, a drive for academic excellence, and fosters a culture of kindness. We believe that students benefit greatly from a curriculum and community that is designed specifically for the learning needs of children and early adolescents. With a strong start at RA, students go on to be successful learners and confident citizens. Ridgefield Academy graduates continue on to leading secondary schools where they are consistently recognized as capable, motivated leaders.

Why PS - Grade 8 Works



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Research suggests that students in PS - Grade 8 schools do better than students in stand alone middle schools.

Our students believe that, too.

"I just started the Robotics Club, am taking all the honors classes, as well as taking an independent study course on computer programming. Last year I made the Honor Roll both semesters. I am very thankful for the opportunities that Ridgefield Academy has given me."


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